Report From The Sequatchie Valley/Blue Ridge Association Meeting- Elder Eddy Flick

I hope this is an accurate account of the proceedings for this year. If it isn’t please lay the blame on this ole feeble fellow. To those who came we say, “please come back again”, and to those who weren’t able to come, we say, “come see us next year.”

Friday AM:

A crowd that believed what they were singing gathered together to sing to their Lord and King with hearts and voices tuned by the Holy Spirit. You can tell a lot about a congregation by what they want to sing. You hear a lot about so called praise and worship music. If this was not praise and worship music then I don’t know what praise and worship music is. We love the solid and true old songs and the newer ones too as long as they express God’s truth!

Friday Morning before Preaching:

  1. On Christ The Solid Rock
  2. Moore About Jesus
  3. Jesus, Thos Art The Sinner’s Friend
  4. Come Thou Fount
  5. Sweet By and By
  6. In Worlds On High
  7. Kindred In Christ
  8. Rejoice, The Lord Is King
  9. When We All Get To Heaven
  10. Lord, Lead Me On
  11. A Throne Of Grace
  12. Amazing Grace


Thursday Night

Elder Paul Mooney – Introduction

Brother Greg Smith Prayer

Elder Joe Hildreth

Elder Lynn Russell

Elder Kenneth Smith – prayer

* I had to work Thursday night and I wasn’t able to get all the details of the service.

Friday Morning

Elder Ray Wagner – Introduction and prayer – Eccle 12:9 O HOW WE NEED GOD’S KNOWLEDGE

Elder Dave Chandler – “I hope we are here for no other reason than to worship the Lord above.” WE WEREN’T!

Elder Dan Hall – “Costly Grace” – Isaiah 53:1-3 – IT WAS COSTLY TO CHRIST AND FREE TO US

Friday Afternoon

Elder Lynn Russell – “The Lines Are Fallen To Me In Pleasant Places.” ANYWHERE THE LORD IS IT IS PLEASANT

Elder Gus Harter – “Rising Sun or Setting Sun.” WE NEED TO WAKE UP AS CHRISTIANS AND AMERICANS

Friday Night

Elder Kelly Smith – Joel 2 – “The Lord’s Chastisement of His People.”  THAT MEANS HE LOVES US!

Elder Ricky Harcrow. – Romans 11:33 – O The Depth Of The Riches.” – WE ARE RICH! = RICHLY BLESSED!

Saturday Morning

Elder Leon Etheredge – Prayer

Elder Raymond Wyatt – Psalms 9:9 – “The Lord Also Will Be A Refuge” INDEED HE IS!

Elder Jesse Roberts – Philippians 4:12 – “Reckoning”

Elder Jonathan Blakely – Philippians  3:7,8 – “Counting All Things But Loss” WINNING CHRIST!

Elder George Demark – Intro and Prayer

Elder Sam Etheredge – Job 19:21 – “For The Hand Of God Hath Touched.”

Elder Daniel Woods – Exodus 25:17  –  “The Mercy Seat”

Elder Marty Hoskins – II Corinthians 5 – “Fear Of God Or Fear Of The World”

After preaching ended Elder Hoskins led the congregation in Guide Me O Thou Great Jehovah in the slow old mountain style. It was very wonderful and appreciated by all. The meeting was so richly blessed and it was so hard to bring it to a close. Hearts were drawn nearer, revived and made to want more but it came to a conclusion as all earthly meetings do. Some of us gathered up front where we blended our voices together to sing God Be With You Till We Meet Again.

Elders In Attendance:

  1. Raymond Wyatt
  2. Gus Harter
  3. Lynn Russell
  4. Ray Wagner
  5. Dave Chandler
  6. Dan Hall
  7. Kelly Smith
  8. Ricky Harcrow
  9. Sam Etheredge
  10. Leon Etheredge
  11. Kenneth Smith
  12. Jonathan Blakeley
  13. Daniel Woods
  14. Marty Hoskins
  15. Roger Campbell
  16. Ricky Sinyard
  17. George Denmark
  18. Jesse Roberts
  19. Bill Taylor